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  Fringe Festival Support  

The Fringe Festival Support Livestream is a daily web-based chat show, supported by the Mental Health Foundation, to support people working at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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The Fringe can be very testing of everyone's mental health. The pressures creatively, financially, logistically and emotionally across an entire month of performance are a mighty challenge. And, for some, there is little support or advice: they are very much on their own.

Supported by the Mental Health Foundation, “FFS Livestream”, is a daily chat show aimed at offering support and advice to the huge community of performers. We invite festival veterans and newbies alike to to come together and share their experiences - Anyone can come along to watch the recordings and meet/chat/exchange war stories with other performers over tea and toast. For anyone who cannot join us, all recordings are available free on this site.

We're fostering a movement, a feeling that we are all in it together in Edinburgh.
And we want to make it so that nobody wins unless *everybody* wins.

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